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“We have experience working in single family homes, apartments, townhouses and multi-family homes.”

MANAR Home Services is a comprehensive maintenance and repair service. Whether you want to fix an area of your home, or add value through upgrades, our team is eager to help you tackle your to do list. Based in Gainesville, FL, we serve the greater Alachua County and surrounding areas and are happy to meet you where you are. Call us now and get those projects going. You will be pleased you contacted MANAR Home Services, we guarantee it.

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Home Repair Expertise Include

Handyman Services

Our handyman services range wide and far and our professionals are here to provide you with a helping hand in many areas of your home. If you need help with carpentry, plumbing, repairs, installations, window
repairs, etc. contact us now! Listed below is every service our handyman team has to offer.

Painting your home can be a fun DIY project but it’s always best to hire a professional if it’s not your strongest suit. Our painting services will deliver flawless lines and a gorgeous fresh paint job. Don’t try to get those hard to reach places, let our team of professionals take care of it for you!
Pressure Washing
Let’s face it, places like your garage can get dingy and dirty in such a short amount of time. Sometimes pressure washing is the only way to get rid of the layers of grime that have caked up on places such as your garage, sidewalks, and driveway. Pressure washing can also relieve the exterior of your house from weather-created messes.
Our team can help you with every plumbing need that you might unfortunately face. We specialize in installing and/or repairing water pipe lines, as well as installing appliances such as bathtubs, toilets, sinks, and dishwashers. Contact us now with your plumbing.
Fixture Installation
Our electricians can install your light fixtures after checking the sustainability of the current wiring in your home. Installing a standard light fixture only takes a few hours but may run longer depending on the location and difficulty of the installation area.
Debris Removal
Removing debris from your area yourself will cost more than having someone come and do it for you, plain and simple. The risk that leftover debris leaves can possibly cost you thousands especially during or after a storm, and it can also build up in other places
such as your roof (places you aren’t generally thinking about). Contact us now for your debris decluttering needs.
Bathroom Refresh
Say you’re ready to completely remodel and refresh your bathroom. What are you looking at and what would it take? Maybe it’s time to replace that old sink and toilet and make the area a bit more modern. We can survey the area and give you an estimate and help
with ideas to make the area shine.
Kitchen Refresh
Much like a bathroom refresher, let’s think of what makes a kitchen great. We can install modern new countertops and cabinets, as well as make the place the best area for traffic and functionality. Your kitchen may also be ready for new tiling or wood – something easier to maintain than your current situation.
Gutter Cleaning
A very difficult task if you don’t have the right tools – gutter cleaning. Something that needs to be done yet is another one of those very dreadful chores. Our cleaning professionals have all the right tools to remove large amounts of clutter surrounding your gutters on your roof as well as cleaning out the inside
of your gutters.
Roof Cleaning
Roof cleaning is extremely important in home
maintenance, especially for safety precautions and preventing a damaged roof. Cleaning your roof regularly will prevent decay which leads to further (and very expensive) potential roofing damage. Contact us now for further information!
Dry Wall Repair
Whether you need new drywall installed or you simply need certain areas patched up, we have you covered. Our team has been servicing drywall installs for years and we are ready to give your walls some TLC.
Outlets and Switches
It is very important to hire a professional when it
comes to installing outlets and switches in your home.
A professional electrician will make sure that your
outlets and switches are properly wired to the correct
terminals, have long lasting connections, all while
making sure its 100% safe.
Weather Stripping
There are multiple reasons why correct weather stripping is so vital to protecting your home. It keeps the weather out and prevents leaks, it also keeps the heat and air conditioning inside your house to reduce
electricity bills. If you’re ready to make a change in how your home functions, have us take a look at your current weather stripping.
Screen Doors

It’s almost impossible to keep screen doors looking nice, and many places that you rent or buy will have busted screen doors. Luckily, it’s an easy fix and isn’t as pricey as you would normally think and it can be done in only a few short hours. Check out screen door
ideas online and if you decide to order a completely new one feel free to contact us to install it.

Window Sealing
See ‘weather stripping’ above for the benefits of window sealing. Another way to seal your windows from leaks and excess airflow is caulking.
Rental Unit Turnovers
Are you ready to move out, but not quite ready? Let our expert rental turnover cleaners come over and check out what needs to be done in order for you to pass inspections. We use safe chemicals for the whole family and will give you an estimate upon arrival. Ready to get clean? Contact us now.
Appliance Installation
MANAR’s handymen and plumbing team can install your new appliances correctly and efficiently. From small installations such as sinks to large jacuzzis and refrigerator/other appliances, our team has you covered.

Installation Expertise Include

Manar’s handymen and plumbing team can install your new appliances correctly and efficiently. From small installations such as sinks to large jacuzzis and refrigerator/other appliances, our team has you covered.
Light Fixtures
Our electricians can install your light fixtures after checking the sustainability of the current wiring in your home. Installing a standard light fixture only takes a few hours but may run longer depending on the location and difficulty of the installation area.
Removal of existing electrical box and installing a new fan. Our professionals can easily remove old light fixtures and fans as well and install new ones into the same place, or create a new area for a ceiling fan.
Plumbing Fixtures
Commonly, plumbing fixtures include bathtubs, toilets, sinks, showers, and faucets. Our team can help with any plumbing needs also ensuring that pipes, valves, and drains are all working appropriately!
Let MANAR Home Services help install your brand new cabinet designs. Installed with perfection, you will be completely ready to organize and show off your new cabinet spaces and you won’t have to worry about
Spruce up your walk-in closets and pantries with great shelving units – we are here to help with your installation needs. Shelving is hot right now in terms of getting your areas more organized and providing better functionality in your home!
TV Mounting
Your TV will be handled with care by our very
experienced contractors and you can sit back and relax during a quick and worry-free TV mounting installation. The process is simple and the size of your TV doesn’t matter, as long as you have the room! Get started and contact us today.
Crown Molding
Crown molding is not an easy job to install by yourself. Crown molding is used to cover two different types of materials that have come together, and recently has been used as a neat design focal point. We are constantly surrounded by crown molding (think of your doors, ceiling, etc).
Floor Base Boards
Baseboards are installed before flooring and it requires a team of professionals 100%. This is not a job you should do on your own unless you have years of experience. Contact us now for more information.
Chair Rails
A chair rail is a design feature that basically separates a wall in half, taking your home decor style to the next level. Again, it’s a difficult job but it will increase the value of your home and add a flare that other houses
rarely have.
Furniture Assembly
Contact us now for the best help you can get when it comes to putting together pesky furniture pieces. We have all the tools capable to install shelves, bed frames, large desks, and even heavy lifting projects such as couches and mattresses.
Curtain Rods
Another difficult task if you don’t have the right tools – installing curtain rods. They need to be balanced correctly and completely even. If not, the rest of your house will look like a lop-sided mess! Contact us now and get your home off to a straight start.
Window Blinds/Shades
Window blinds and shades need to be handled with care, as they are easily bent and broken. It’s a difficult task to accomplish on your own, please contact one of our professional contractors and get your blinds installed or replaced in every room of your house!
Smoke Detectors
Door Lock
Floor & Wall Tile
Attic Stairs

Landscaping Expertise Include

Manor Home Services have an amazing team of dedicated lawn and yard enthusiasts who will make sure your lawn is mowed to perfection and your curb appeal is enhanced 100%. We can come weekly, biweekly, or on a monthly basis! Contact us now for more information.
Do you have overgrown shrubs, bushes, and hedges? Contact us now to get these overgrown hedges taken care of and shaped nicely. The smooth look of your new hedges will stun your neighbors! Curb appeal is
everything – make a statement.
Increase the health of your soil by having one of our gardening experts insert mulch into your yard. Mulch is hugely beneficial to your yard – it conserves soil moisture, improves the health and fertility of soil, reduces weed growth, and enhances curb appeal.
Minor Tree Trimming
Trees, like shrubs, grow fast and become extremely unruly. Luckily, tree trimming is a simple process that we can do for you as well as remove fallen and dead branches.
Debris Removal
Heavy amounts of debris surrounding your home can be not only an eye-sore, but it imposes danger if a lot has accumulated on your roof. If you don’t get rid of debris, damage can be done that might cost you thousands in the future. Contact us now to get rid of this potentially hazardous nuisance!
Leaf Removal
When Autumn approaches, leaves are absolutely everywhere, and who wants to spend hours raking and bagging? Our team can come take care of this for you in a way less amount of time and leave your yard
spotless and flawless.
Elevate Tree Canopy
Tree elevating is the process of trimming the branches that are the lowest which provides safer continued growth for your trees. It’s a lot like branch trimming, but lower and requires a knowledgeable skill set that our team can provide you with.
Reseed Lawn
Is your yard patchy and all-around unattractive? Let’s start by getting new grass seeds down and creating a yard from scratch. No one wants to walk outside and step on dirt or mud. Plus, the upkeep is very simple and grass grows fast! Contact us now for more information.
Flower Planting
Again, curb appeal is everything. You’d be surprised how much more pretty and peaceful your yard can be with a few rose bushes planted and seasonal/perennials added on your edges and by your windows. You can feel good about yourself as well for feeding the bees! Contact MANAR Home Services for more information and beautify your yard!
Hardscape installation includes man-made features such as walkways, landscape architecture, fountains, and more. Installing all of these requires professional care and knowledge. Book an appointment with us today and let’s get your new feature installed!
Fire Pits
What’s a perfect backyard without a fire pit? It’s a place to gather, connect, eat, and spend quality time with loved ones. If you don’t already have one…get one! If you have one and are ready to get it installed in the perfect spot, contact us now!
Planter Boxes
Planter boxes are very important! They are basically raised gardens made with wood plants, which enable your garden to grow with just soil and free from grass and pesticides. We can help you create your planter box and get them installed before the seeding season
Herb Garden
Home-grown herbs trump store-bought herbs by a landslide. Let us help you get the process started. Herbs grow very quick and soon you’ll be harvesting your own basil, rosemary, mint, and whatever else you want to plant (those are just great and easy ideas if you’re new to herb gardening). Planter boxes and raised gardens work excellent for herbs and our team can help you get it built.

Cleaning Expertise Include

One Time Cleaning
Our cleaning team have years of experience and will help you make your home spotless again. Our one time cleaning service will refresh your home, get you organized, and you’ll definitely want us back! Check out more cleaning services listed below.
Regular Cleaning Svc
A regular cleaning service is usually considered to be weekly, biweekly, or monthly. Our schedule is open to you and your needs. Weekly cleanings can be followed
up after a one time clean, and we can come biweekly, weekly, or monthly after that. Let us know how often you want your house spotless!
Deep Cleaning
A deep clean will focus more on those areas that are frequently missed (or places you forget about entirely) such as microwaves, baseboards, steam cleaning, unruly spots and stains, oven, and cleaning/dusting behind toilets and appliances that accumulate crud
over time. Book now and live spotless!
Steam Carpets
Carpet cleaning is good, but steam cleaning your carpets will make them look like you just moved in. Your carpets will be spotless, soft, and back to the original color they were (or even better) than when you first moved in! It is very important to get your carpets steam cleaned at least every 3 months – you’ll be
shocked at the amount of dirt and grime that builds up on a daily basis.
Move-In Readiness
Did the previous cleaners do a ‘meh’ job? Is your house or apartment looking like the previous owners are still living there? Is there a wafting ‘funk’ that you just can’t get rid of? Contact us now to dismiss the funk and get you settled into your new place.
Move-Out Cleaning
Moving out is stressful enough, it might be adding a ton of stress thinking about getting your house clean enough to pass any inspections that may be coming soon. Our team of cleaning professionals will make
sure your home is spotless and you can avoid any fines or penalties after inspection.
Weather can do some serious damage to the outside of your home, and with wind and rain, dirt and grime builds up fast. Contact us today and get that unsightly siding pressure washed and looking brand new!
The fascia (or soffit) is the horizontal underside mostly outside of your house where the roof meets the siding. If you walk outside you’ll notice that this area might be
very dirty and packed with unreachable cobwebs and dirt. These are hard to reach places that our team has the proper tools to approach.
The soffit is the horizontal underside mostly outside of your house where the roof meets the siding. If you walk outside you’ll notice that this area might be very dirty and packed with unreachable cobwebs and dirt. These are hard to reach places that our team has the
proper tools to approach.
Laundry is easily one of the most overlooked and mundane chores – let us help. Laundry piles up so fast and we can include doing your laundry in a weekly cleaning, or we can come over and provide you with just laundry services. Contact us now for more info!
Iron/Fold Laundry
Folding laundry requires a lot of time and patience, something most of us simply just don’t have the time for. Contact us now for perfect and wrinkle-free folding and ironing.
Sanitize Surfaces
Get rid of germs, dust, and built up crud that
accumulates on your surfaces. From kitchen and bathroom countertops to dusting and sanitizing furniture, our team has you covered. No harsh chemicals and safe for the whole family.

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