If your property or home has been suffering from wood rot, termites might be the cause. MANAR Home Services can easily treat your wood rot and replace it – but it’s important to understand information about termites and wood rot in order to prevent it from happening again. It doesn’t matter how new or old your house is, the size, the style…there will more than likely be wood in your home. And, where there is wood, there is always a potential danger of getting a termite infestation.

What Are Termites?

Feeding solely on cellulose, termites are colony pests that multiply in numbers astonishingly fast. Cellulose appears in all wood or plant material. Termites are such a danger because they hollow out wooden materials and weaken the structure. This will ultimately lead to a disaster in your home.

5 Signs You Might Have Termites

1. Noticing discarded wings near walls, on the floor, or on window sills.

2. Termites leave tiny brown excrement pellets – seeing these is a very strong sign.

3. Another strong sign is finding mud tubes outside or inside your home.

4. Like previously mentioned, termites eat the cellulose in wood. When they get closer to to the wooden structure surface, paint on the wood starts cracking and bubbling.

5. Tap on the wood. If it sounds hollow, you might have termites.

What Can I Do Now?

Luckily, there are quite a few ways to get rid of termites. Your number one option is to call a team of skilled professionals to exterminate the termites. Typically, they will come to your home to identify the colony size, spray your house once or twice a month, use baits, and spray the wall voids inside. However, you can opt to take care of the problem yourself.

While working on the infestation, ensure that you get rid of easy food sources ike lumber, papers, or firewood. Carefully place screens around the house’s entry points and remove painted debris or stumps – then create a soil barrier. This will help slow them down. You can easily find wood treatments and liquid pesticides online and at many major retailers. 

If a termite infestation has lead to unfortunate wood rot, please go with the best option of contacting a licensed professional in order to get your home bug-free and have the wood replaced. Rotten wood can be very dangerous to your home’s structure and detrimental to aesthetics. Contact MANAR Home Services to get a free quote on wood rot replacement today.