You might be feeling uneasy about budgeting an entirely new roof into your life. Maybe you’re worried about the cost, and maybe you’re starting to stress about who to hire to get the job done to perfection without any errors. Commercial and residential roofing is really something that should be maintained throughout the years – wear and tear as well as natural disasters do happen. Is it time to have new roofing installed? Keep reading to learn about potentially faulty roof warning signs – it can save you thousands in future damage.

1. Check Gutters For Missing Granules

Check your gutters if you can’t see the condition of your shingles. One of the easiest ways to check if your roof is defective is noticing shingle particles in your gutters. Shingle granules are often expelled through the gutter, and towards the end of your roof life, you will notice shingles losing more granules.

2. Curling And Distressed Shingles

This is something you can easily check by just looking. If you check the shingles on your roof and they are curling up at the ends and look worn and ragged, it’s definitely time to get shingles replaced. As one of the earliest warning signs of a faulty roof, keep in mind that if it’s not fixed, leaks and further damage are bound to happen.

3. Consider The Age Of Your Roof

You’re very lucky if you already know the age of your roof and if/when the last time it was repaired. Knowing these details enables you to plan for a new roof installation before an accident occurs. Most experts recommend that a normal roof has a good life of 20-25 years. It also depends on if your current roof consists of one layer or if it was rebuilt over an older roof. If your roof consists of more than one layer and is older than 20 years, it’s definitely time for a roof replacement or repair.

Cosmetic Appeal

Many people are ready for a new roofing style simply for cosmetic purposes – there is absolutely nothing wrong with updating your home to make it more your style. Though changing your roofing style may be more of a ‘want’ rather than a ‘need’, it sure does boost curb appeal and can completely enhance the way your home looks.

Final Thoughts

There will be noticeable signs that point to needing new roofing installed. Sometimes, you might only need to have simple repairs completed. The roof is hands-down one of the most important home features – sheltering you from natural disasters and bad weather. People who put off repairing their roofs are susceptible to leaks, which leads to potential water damage. Water damage will lead to even more expenses such as water restoration and even having to buy new furniture. Knowing the signs of a potentially dangerous roof hazard is important, and being able to take preventative measures is crucial. Repairing your home if a roof disaster happens costs way more in the long run than fixing your roof.