When is it ever a bad time to renovate your house? There’s never a bad time to clean your place and create an area that’s more your style. The very first thing you may be considering is the price of renovating certain rooms or areas of your home. But, what if I mentioned that every single one of these projects will boost your house’s appraisal and make you feel much more confident and proud of your living space? It’s almost 2020, and there are thousands of renovation ideas you can embrace – some are a little bit more pricey than others, and some you will find are very cost effective. It is always best to hire a professional to do this work, especially when it comes to wire maintenance. Keep reading to learn about the most exciting new renovation features that you should plan for now! 

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1. An S-Shaped Shower Seat

The S-shaped shower seat or ‘lazy shower’ is perfect for those who want to lay in comfort while shower heads spray down and wash up in a simple way. Embracing comfort is the best way to begin embracing renovation ideas. What’s not to love about this situation?

s-shaped shower seat

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2. Accordion Doors Or Windows

Obviously inspired by the musical instrument, accordion doors have been quickly making their way in tiny and huge homes the past year. This is one of the pricier options, but it easily pays itself off due to its uniqueness. From roughly $700-$1000/linear square foot, expect a 12-foot accordion entrance to pile up to $12,000. But, also expect to look completely original and be the envy of the block.

3. Add A Double-Sided Fireplace

Double-sided fireplaces make for an inexpensive upgrade and come in all shapes and sizes for optimal customization. What makes double-sided fireplaces so great is how they have the ability to provide warmth to both rooms on either side of the wall and they are the main focal point. Also, they are virtually maintenance free – see some awesome examples here.

4. Create A ‘Meditation Room’

Less of a renovation and more of a transformation, a meditation room can literally be in whichever spare room or nook you have in your home. What makes you calm? Think of a theme that would create peace of mind and modify this spare room accordingly. You know what would be perfect for a meditation room? A hammock or a double-sided fireplace. Keep reading!

5. A Hammock In Your Living Room

Couches are a thing of the medieval past when you consider how much cheaper and more comfortable a large hammock would be in your living room. With the larger open space that living rooms already have, hammocks can be easily anchored to the ceiling and decorated with everything you would use on a couch, including blankets and tons of throw pillows. While you’re at it, get rid of your loveseat or recliner and hang up hammock chairs. An entire floating living room – cheap, adorable, and unique. I think yes.

Source: https://www.apartmenttherapy.com/bring-the-outdoors-in-hammocks-in-living-rooms-232741

6. Change Your Front Door

Add personality and curb appeal to your home by getting rid of an old creaky front door and installing something new and modern. The best front door looks for 2019 are elegant neutrals, pastel yellows, hardwood, rustic wood panels, and dark colors with gold or windows added in. In all seriousness, there are thousands of options for a new front door. And if you can’t afford it, of course, it can be a DIY project. Your front door can also be surrounded by outdoor decor such as plants or you can change a wreath for every holiday. It’s one of the best ways to make a first impression!

7. Smart Home Technology

Smart home technology has been a hit this past decade, but in 2019, it’s both betterandcheaper. Renovate your home by upgrading household appliances such as your washer, dryer, or fridge. Smart home technology can be anywhere – indoors and outdoors or conveniently located in your kitchen telling you how many groceries you have left. Impress everyone and make your life easier at the same time.

8. Replace Kitchen Countertops

A kitchen countertop renovation has always been and probably always will be one of the most popular (or first) renovations a new homeowner takes on. It’s also one of the first mistakes a new homeowner makes. Being such an essential part of the kitchen’s dynamic, the most popular and timeless kitchen countertops include quartz, veins/patterns, neutral, colorful backsplashes, and wood.

9. Hidden Organization Spaces

If Netflix’s ‘Tidying Up with Marie Kondo’ has you just itching to be enlightened by the power of organization, continue reading. While Marie Kondo has us all wanting to make changes big time- hidden storage has been widely popular for years, especially in smaller living spaces. Though it is considered renovation, it usually isn’t too pricey and can even be a DIY project. Add them to your closet, create shelving under your sink, or install pull-out racks hidden in small spaces between countertops.

10. Replace The Garage Door

It sounds simple, and to be honest, it really is something that will be a quick fix. Just like your front door, a new garage door increases curb appeal and value, all while not breaking the bank or being a stressful renovation inside of your home. Garage doors boosting in popularity are neutral gray, barnyard wood, brick red, slate black, and multiple window designs.