With every month that passes, it seems as though a new smart appliances comes in the market and takes the world by storm. There have been upgrades to old items, brand new items, and some really unique and interesting gadgets that seem almost alien-like. It might sound weird saying it like that, but it’s true. Have you ever seen a refrigerator that can tell you what you’re running low on and help you create a list? From fridges to thermostats and smart home lighting, the smart appliances have taken over. Keep reading to learn about the coolest, most unique, and beneficial smart home devices that you can purchase online today!

1. The Nest Learning Thermostat ($249 on Amazon)

Source: https://www.williams-sonoma.com/products/nest-thermostat/

The Nest is a thermostat that you’re going to see more often than not when you’re visiting someone’s home. This is because it is so practical, easy to use, and has so many functions to help improve your daily life. The Nest has WiFi so you’re able to connect it to your laptop or phone, the most popular places to control your Nest. Whether you are at home or far away, you can control the temperature of your house and make sure you are always saving money on your bills. Again, one of the most practical and popular smart home devices.

2. The Ecobee Switch+ ($79 on Amazon)

Source: http://www.aftvnews.com/ecobee-announces-smart-light-switch-with-built-in-alexa-and-numerous-sensors/

The Ecobee Switch Plus is much more than your typical smart light switch. In fact, it can do everything that the Amazon Echo does – update you on weather, sports scores, news, it can play music, and so much more. What else makes this neat little gadget so special? What it’s originally made for, of course! It is a WiFi enabled smart switch that allows you to control lighting in every room of your home through an app on your phone. In addition, it will soon be doubling as a remote room sensor for the Ecobee thermostat. The Ecobee switch is compatible with Google Assistant, Apple’s Homekit, SmartThings Hub, and IFTTT Applets. 

3. Samsung Family Hub Refrigerator ($4,100 on BestBuy)

Source: https://gadgets.ndtv.com/others/news/samsung-family-hub-touchscreen-fridge-price-features-buy-booking-1885581

The first thing on your mind is probably…is this really worth the money? For some people the answer would be no, but if you have cash to burn, this product is totally worth the high price tag. So, what exactly does it do? The Samsung Family Hub Fridge has a massive touch screen that connects to WiFi. It’s basically like having a tablet attached to your fridge. From here, you can sync up your food storage, create lists, leave messages for specific family members (Bixby is your helper and she will earn everyone in your family by name), and you will have access to most apps you use on your phone such as Spotify and Uber. Really, you can do anything that you’d normally do on any smart device, but in your kitchen. And one of the coolest features of this fridge is what it was made for- tracking food. Imagine being at the grocery store and not needing a list? You can look directly inside your fridge from the app on your phone!

4. The Ring Video Doorbell Pro ($199 on Amazon)

Source: https://www.techadvisor.co.uk/review/security-cameras/ring-video-doorbell-pro-3684334/

Okay, this one is amazing and it’s also cost efficient. If you are looking for a smart home security device that won’t break your bank, this is the one. The Ring tracks and records all movement outside of your home and you can access the footage via your phone or tablet. Controlled by Amazon Alexa via the Show Device, you will be able to view live footage both day and night. The design is sleek and small, making it one of the most popular smart doorbells.

5. WiFi Anova Culinary Precision Cooker Pro ($334 on Amazon)

Source: https://anovaculinary.com/what-is-sous-vide/

One of the coolest new trends for cooking is called ‘Sous Vide’- a style of cooking in which you put all of your ingredients, herbs, spices, and meat or veggies in plastic and submerge it into a hot bath. This tenderizes the food and cooks it to absolute perfection. If you’re into this and want your sous vide cooking to come out the best way it can, then the Anova Culinary Precision Cooker is for you. It attaches to your pot and you can control the temperature within a tenth of a degree. The app you will download on your phone notifies you the whole way of the cooking process and when your meal is complete. Make cooking for your family extremely simple!

Final Thoughts

Though most of the products on this list are pricey, almost all of these products also have different versions that are either way cheaper or more expensive. With our world becoming more and more tech-savvy by the day, these products will probably be outdated within the next few years.

According to studies, roughly 39 million Americans already own a smart speaker of some sort. These products are much more advanced than just speakers though, and many already include speakers within them. As of now, these are some of the hottest products on the market for your smart home needs. Update your home and your lifestyle with these popular picks!